HuffPost Interview Caused Some Introspection

On a lark, I recently participated in a Huffington Post online interview on the state of American education as compared to a global perspective.  I got some good ideas into the conversation and rambled a bit (what do you expect for midnight conversations?).

But, more important to note that I felt bad about some of my comments after re-watching this.  I’m afraid I lost a bit of my optimism in this piece.  I was a bit critical in places and may have overestimated the number of international teachers that “escape” their domestic systems.  It’s possible I’m fairly accurate, as confirmed by my esteemed colleague in Japan.  But, nonetheless, troubling is the way I suggested it as a reflection on these domestic systems that are trying to understand education and come up with a plan for refreshing and retooling them.  As noted by each of us, there are pockets of excellence.  The challenge is still about finding a methodology that is transferable and sustainable while at the same time not becoming more factory assembly line than it already is.  What do you think?

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