Newsletter – December 2

Happy December, Everyone!!

I first want to take this opportunity to welcome the last additions to our administrative team in preparation for next year.  As informed previously, Noah Bohnen will be moving into our MS Principal role next year and Michelle Alzamora will be moving into the ES Principal spot.  We’ve also already announced that Rob Doyle is departing to his new role as Principal in Dhaka. Therefore, we have been busy in process on our appointments to the Assistant Principal positions at all three levels.

Groves MattIn High School, we are pleased to announce that Mr. Matt Groves will be taking over as the new HS Assistant Principal.  Matt is currently teaching IB History and Economics, but also has a long history in ESOL work both here and in previous schools.  He received his Master’s Degree from George Mason University and is currently working towards his post-Master’s certification in Educational Leadership.  Matt has served on a number of committee and taken on unique challenges here at AAS, most recently joining us on strategic work on the Core Planning Team.

Cormier KaristiKaristi Cormier will be joining us from Shanghai American School as the new Middle School Assistant Principal.  Karisti hails from Iowa, but most recently has worked at the American School in London and Shanghai American.  In London, Karisti was Grade 8 English teacher and Dean of Students, while in Shanghai, was Grade 8 Team Leader and Humanities teacher on the Pudong Campus.  Her Master’s Degree is from University of Iowa and she hold the Certificate of International School Leadership from the Principal’s Training Center.  We are very excited to have Karisti join us next year.

Hinton JeffFinally, welcome Jeff Hinton to the ES Assistant Principal position alongside Mr. McKillip and Mrs. Alzamora rounding out the ES administrative team.  Jeff is currently known as Mr. Hinton in Grade 3, but came to AAS originally from Singapore American School.  He has taught many age levels including Kindergarten and Grade 3.  Mr. Hinton has his Bachelor’s Degree from University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada and completed his Master’s Degree at Trinity Western University in British Columbia.  He holds Ontario Principal Qualifications and additional qualifications in English as a Second Language (ESL) and Special Education. Welcome, Mr. Hinton!!

Upcoming Performances

As we head into the final days before the Winter Break, please take the opportunity to enjoy one of our many performances. While I know your focus will be on the offerings where your own children are performing, I would ask the whole community to consider attending as many of our performances as possible, crossing all boundaries. There is always plenty of seating space in our venues, and there is nothing that validates the work of our children more than filling the audience with clapping and proud adults. I’ll be at every one of these. Please join me!! The schedule is always sent to you via this newsletter. Take note!!