Jamie McKenzie Reflections

Dr. Jamie McKenzie inspired us recently with a short visit and spent time with teachers, parents, and administration.  He reinforced the notion that our hopes and dreams for students are not always about preparing them for a technologically challenging century, but that we must always remind ourselves that the primary goal is nothing less or more than a good life!

With this engagement, Dr. McKenzie reminded us all of the critical balance we seek.  We do not seek to ignore or escape technology, but instead we choose to engage with technology along with other aspects of a holistic approach to teaching and learning.  The two are connected. But, we dare not overly depend on  technology forgetting the thinking and questioning skills necessary to prudent discovery and diligent inquiry.  To have a good life, we would argue that students must be prepared for a bombardment of often devilishly deceitful media.  We dare not create a generation of automatons controlled by search engine narrowing.  Excellence rather than mediocrity!

Jamie helped us to think a bit about our messages – to students, to parents, and to each other.  We’re nervous, but that’s a necessary precursor to prudent decision making.  Thanks, Jamie!


Dr. Jamie McKenzie, Technology Consultant from AAS Moscow on Vimeo.