Ukraine Update #1

Dear Family, Friends, and Staff of the Anglo-American School,

The purpose of this letter is to provide important information regarding recent events in the region that may be causing you some level of concern.  As you may already know, the situation in the Ukraine is very fluid at this time.  It is important to note that all of our respective Embassies and governmental agencies are on a heightened level of alert as conditions change.

Similarly, and in consort with our embassy sources of information, we are reflecting daily on the official statements and formal warnings that are distributed by the various agencies.  To date, there have been three alerts posted on travel to Ukraine and these warnings now seem to be in place going forward for the near to long term.

The Central and Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA) Executive Committee met in conference call on Friday, February 28th to discuss the current conditions in Kyiv.  Based on the advice of multiple embassies and the school leadership at the two CEESA schools in Kyiv, two CEESA sports events planned for May have been canceled and are under consideration for relocation to other locations.  These include the Middle School Girls Volleyball on May 1st and the HS Boys and Girls Tennis tournament on May 15th.  We will advise when alternatives for these tournaments are confirmed.

Additionally, we have had many inquiries recently regarding travel by teams coming to the events we are hosting here in Moscow at the Anglo-American School.  Many schools are concerned about sending students to Russia under the current circumstances.  After consultation with the Regional Security Officers of the relevant embassies, we have confirmed there is no intent at this time to issue any travel advisories for Russia beyond the current standing advisory related to the Sochi Olympics, which remains in effect. This current advisory has not precluded any travel to and from Moscow in recent weeks.

We believe that this status is unlikely to change in the near term for Moscow and the surrounding region. Therefore, we have affirmed the CEESA Middle and High School Swim Meet for this weekend beginning on March 6th.  The Anglo-American School of Moscow provides a highly secure facility for our events and our host families are fully prepared to welcome their guests for a wonderful and safe weekend of engaged competition.

Future bulletins will be sent to all constituents as needed to provide for the most recent and accurate information.  We wish everyone safe travels in all upcoming trips.