Ukraine Update #3

Dear Family, Friends, and Staff of the Anglo-American School,

Welcome back from Spring Break.  We hope the holiday was refreshing, filled with renewal and engaged family time!

In keeping with prior messages, I wanted to get an update out just after the break with the most recent information and to attend to current serious matters of note.

I can offer no substantive update on the situation in Ukraine and potential impacts here in Moscow, but some positive steps seem to be emerging from recent high-level meetings reported in the media last week.  That being said, rumor and lack of credible information in many cases still confounds a clear trajectory going forward.  The school, therefore, has no new insights and can only report we continue to maintain our level of raised awareness, but proceed with business relatively as usual.  We continue to monitor students for any signs of stress associated with these events.  Further, our counselors and staff maintain awareness of student interactions surrounding these issues and find no increased level of concern.  We are not planning any changes to upcoming events and travel plans, for CEESA or for other reasons.  We have many field trips planned in the coming weeks both in Moscow and abroad.  We also have a number of visitors in the form of consultants and visiting authors.  There is no recommendation from any embassy restricting our participation in these events and we will continue under the assumption of general stability.

It is with sorrow that I remind the community of the recent tragedy that has seriously affected one of our communities here at AAS.  I’m sure we were all devastated by the loss of life in the recent Korean ferry incident.  Our hearts and thoughts go out to members of our Korean community and their extended families.  While we are unaware of any direct connections, we can only imagine the horror of watching such events unfold from afar.  We have all experienced the frustration of distance during events of this nature and this incident is no different in the way in which we should rally to support those in need in our midst.  Please join me in expressing our concern and encouragement to all touched by this catastrophe through all the ties that bind us.

As we move into the busy weeks ahead, we are buoyed by our sense of community.  We will continue to support each other through all of the concerns that challenge us.  It is my fervent hope that the sunshine of spring will bring us warmer weather and a renewed positive outlook consistent with the renewal of the season.

Best regards,