November 18 Newsletter

Happy Wednesday and welcome to the wonderful dusting of white I’m viewing outside my window tonight as I gaze through the collection of colorful socks that currently adorn the glass!!

PTO Enhancement Grants were presented at PTO this week, and I couldn’t be prouder of the student-led initiatives that were presented, along with the array of projects from across the school.   I encourage your earnest participation in the PTO vote on these projects. Online voting will be begin today and close November 23.

One grant application is the request for funds to support a keynote speaker at our upcoming TEDx Conference December 17.  High School students have been leading and developing this program for four years now and this, the fifth iteration, is working toward expanding their presence even further.  TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an acronym for an annual conference that is dedicated to “ideas worth spreading.”  Many fascinating people cross the TED stage each year, and their short and insightful presentations are made freely available to the world.

Similarly, over the last four years, our kids have created a video catalog of their speeches, some by students, some by teachers, and some by welcomed guests.  At this year’s December 17 conference, we plan to welcome others to our audience  in the hopes of spreading these messages of innovation and creativity even further.  The initial link to our current upcoming event is here:

More details will follow soon.  If you’d like to pursue the catalog of TEDxAAS videos, click HERE.

Thanks again to PTO for supporting our community’s dreams!!