Newsletter – February 10

I want to take this opportunity before our annual February break to thank parents for their ongoing involvement and tremendous flexibility and diligence during recent weeks.  We weathered the storm of the influenza outbreak together.  We practiced our emergency drills.  We got through all the many activities and performances with style and engagement.  Thank you to everyone for your enduring spirit during inclement weather, semester transitions, and the usual challenges of the season.  The sense of community in all corners of the building inspires us all each and every day.

We also celebrated the 100th day of school at the end of last week.  It’s hard to believe that there are only about 80 days remaining in the year.  All parents have been emailed the ‘Re-enrollment Survey 2016-2017’ regarding plans for next year.  We look forward to hearing from you soonest.  We have many applications rolling in for new students seeking placement at AAS, new friends for all of us who remain next year.  No different than any other year, we will be preparing to say farewell to some of you, and wishing you well on your next adventure.  But, that is still far away.  With much left to accomplish and complete, we focus our energies on the days ahead as learning shifts into high gear for the culminating activities of the year.

In March, I’m joining one of our High School Discovery Week trips.  I will be traveling with a student group to Africa and helping out with our three school building projects.  Look for some critically important news on this front right after the vacation.  We are excited about the expansion of our influence in this region as we bring our special model of service to key needy populations.  You may have an opportunity to play a special role in this for which I’d appreciate your earnest attention.  Stay tuned!!

To those who are traveling next week, I wish you a safe journey.  To all, please enjoy a well-deserved week of rest and reflection!  I look forward to your return and our ongoing collaboration.