Things you can count on…

Those of us who live the international life know that some things are often fickle.  We have all experienced the closure of a favorite restaurant, the change in service at a hotel, the often unpredictable attitude of a taxi driver, and the constant difficulties with government services, for almost all nationalities.  Both inside and outside our school walls, there are many challenges that we face because of differences in culture, language, and prior experiences.  Inside the school, we mesh a microcosm of extreme diversity, valuing a complex array of viewpoints.

In all of that, there is one school entity that I have found provides common ground and the equalizing backdrop of community that brings all of these forces together for the common good.  That entity is the PTO!

PTO is, second only to the core work that we do in the classroom each day, the most important unifying quality of a school.  It provides, as is suggested in policy, the linkage between motivated and involved parents and the critically important aims of the school in providing holistic excellence.  The wonderful, woven experience that your child enjoys is a product of a strong collaboration between the PTO and the school.  PTO helps to provide the fertile soil, in the form of unique experiences, that nurtures the students that we plant in this environment.  PTO provides community for all of us and that sense of community echoes through our nurturing actions in all aspects of our involvement.  I think we take this for granted at times and forget that this kind of PTO exists in only a few schools of our size and stature.  It is an important gem that we must cherish and hold in high regard, preserving and protecting it where possible.

In that regard, I encourage all of you to consider attending the PTO Spring Gala on April 2.  Tickets are currently on sale, and the budget of PTO depends on this annual activity.  The committee has taken great effort to assure that this gala is particularly representative of the community we serve.  To that end, they have maximized the number of places for your attendance so that a broadly diverse group of parents can celebrate in style.

PTO is something that you can always count on.  Like family, they are ready to serve in every way possible in support of our mission and vision.  Now, PTO wants to know, can they count on you?

See the PTO section of the newsletter for full information regarding ticket sales.