Can You Feel the Buzz?!

Kids are happy and showing up at our doorstep with a record number of smiles on this first day of the 2012-2013 school year.  It’s a pleasure to greet and encourage everyone as they arrive and it was fun to hear about snippets of summer vacations.

We then proceeded to the PTO meeting and greeted faces both new and returning in a packed room.  We shared our vision for the year and discussed how we find “gravity” together and keep our connection to core values while we take the next logical steps in our strategic plan.  At our core, we have some broad goals for students and these are linked to our Outcomes that were established during our strategic planning process just over a year ago.  Here they are for your review:

By 2016 each student…

  • Advocates and exhibits a healthy lifestyle and respect for self and others
  • Drives his/her own learning and turns it into ACTION, and
  • Demonstrates the competencies and attitudes of a 21st Century learner.

We seek to achieve these values with the same vigor and enthusiasm that we apply to our mission statement where we profess love of learning and a commitment to “individual academic and holistic excellence.”

To that end, we encourage your continued partnership.  I suggested the following at the PTO meeting:

You need…

  • To be hungry for information and involvement.
  • To become a partner with teachers in educating your child.
  • To remember the profound impact we have on children every minute of every day.
  • To choose your attitude and make every moment count, for your kids and for yourself.