Presenting at #globaled10


Only had a few participants, but enjoyed talking about my topic and the powerpoint seemed to have just the right amount of data.  Had some nice involvement, but it would have been even more fun with hundreds.  😉

Here’s the recording link:

I’m presenting today at GlobalEd10 in my first online Eluminate session.  This is a wonderful first attempt at global staff development in a virtual environment and I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on leadership in a multi-cultural environment with whoever shows up.  I have not been pushing for participation because I’m a bit nervous, but looking forward to sharing my thoughts as they relate to my doctoral work on the topic.  Slideshare is now ready and this post is going up about 2 hours before the session.  Hope it doesn’t give too much of it away to otherwise turn people away.  Truthfully, I have lots of stories to tell to go with this content.