The Year Begins

It’s 11:00 a.m. and it almost seems too quiet. I can almost feel the learning begin in the classrooms throughout the building. After speaking to PTO about our sense of community, we are all taking a short breath before we gear up for the many activities ahead, starting with our opening this afternoon.

As each new decision looms on the horizon, I’m reminded of a message I gave to staff last week. I showed an image of a rear view mirror and suggested that you regularly need to look back to look forward. Dan Pink, the author of “Drive” recently reinforced this notion as he coined the concept of “regret management.

Essentially, he suggests that we approach each critical decision using the 90-year old test. If I was 90 and looking back on this decision, what would I have wanted to do in this situation? This is a powerful way of providing objectivity and a distinct perspective on way-points that we often take for granted. What if we miss that important moment with a child reading them a story or telling them about where carrots come from? What if we don’t make it to that important performance or sporting event? What if we fail to notice the sad expression of disappointment because of a fight between friends that happened at school that day? What if we forget to value an answer or reward an attempt?

We’re stringing together complex interactions here on a daily basis. While I may be enjoying a moment of quiet, I can feel the complexity emerging all around like the faint buzz of an high-voltage cable hanging high overhead. It makes your skin tingle with excitement.

Don’t miss the small stuff everyone. Talk with your child tonight and really listen. What happened at school today? Really?! Then what? Don’t miss the moment!