Newsletter – October 14, 2015

FCD Parent Meeting
Thursday, October 15 @ 8:45a
Faculty Dining Room

This week we welcome representatives from FCD Prevention Works (A Global Non-Profit Substance Abuse Prevention Organization).  We’ve hosted them multiple times over the years, and their message and materials constitute a major portion of our substance abuse prevention program that links to curriculum through our health and counseling standards.  Their important message constitutes a cornerstone to our beliefs about community collaboration toward healthy lifestyles. A healthy lifestyle is a key component of our mission statement outcomes and supports the holistic side of our excellence aspirations.

To assist with the FCD’s work, we gather comprehensive survey information from students.  The leaders from FCD follow this with multiple opportunities for dialog with students that delve deeper into the trends and topics uncovered by the survey.  They help kids see connections between their cultural attitudes and accurate information about the risks associated with substance abuse.  For our students, it helps uncover myths and misinformation that is often presented in the media environment that surrounds us.

There is a parent meeting with the FCD reps scheduled on Thursday, October 15, 08.45 in the Faculty Dining Room. I can’t encourage enough the need for strong parent turnout at this meeting.  I know there is no perfect timing for a meeting of this nature, but we emphasize that parent partnership is truly important for dialog around this content.  As students learn how to apply the theme of “Respect Self” to their sense of health and well-being, it is a community dedicated to collaboration and communication that will provide the most important safety net for the children of our “village.”  Please join us tomorrow at this important meeting.  All are welcome!