Newsletter – May 4

Ode to Our Mothers

We are coming up on one of the most important holidays of the year in my estimation. In many countries, this Sunday brings us the holiday ‘Mother’s Day’ and our annual opportunity to demonstrate our love and appreciation. It goes without great articulation that the love of a mother is our first love, the one spawned by our birth and the key relationship upon which all others are built throughout life. I know without a doubt that many attributes of self that we hold dear today are rooted in that initial nurtured state where we totally depended on that first significant adult in our lives.

Later, we form bonds with others that are rooted in that early experience where we felt safety and care, protection from harm. Mothers cuddle us so that we could love others. Mothers discipline us so that we build character and earn respect. Mothers support us in our attempts, let go when we were ready, pick us up when we fail, protect us when we are threatened.

To the mothers of our community, I offer this simple praise for all that you do. We honor you for both bringing us into the world and loving us throughout our lives. I hope all will find time to honor the mother in your lives this weekend. For me, it means loving preparation with my children of that annual tradition of breakfast in bed for their mom. I love you, dear!! Will try not to burn the toast!

One thought on “Newsletter – May 4

  1. Well said Jon!
    You have such a wonderful Mother and married such a wonderful woman to be the Mother of your children. You have indeed been blessed!

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