Newsletter- May 25

End-of-Year Events

May has almost ended and the final activities of the year are before us. Please pay close attention to the calendar as there are concerts, drama productions, moving-up ceremonies, and other end-of-year events scheduled in the next month.  For those in attendance at graduation last Saturday, we hope you enjoyed the pomp and circumstance of this auspicious event.  Thank you to our guest speaker AAS parent and BBC’s Moscow Correspondent Steve Rosenberg and our student speaker Niels Boender.  Both provided us with messages of significance and cohesion to a student-centric event.  Our seniors enjoyed this bittersweet moment as one journey ends and another begins.  They now move on to colleges and other programs around the globe and we wish them all the very best.

Faculty Departing

We also say goodbye to some valued faculty members this year, as we do each year.  It’s important to note their collective contributions to the school during their time here.  Without exception, they have brought tremendous talent, experience, and energy to the organization.  Their legacy of helping us continue to build and develop as a school is now woven into the fabric of who we have become.  We will forever be in their debt for the gifts they have bestowed on all of us.  Best of luck to our departing faculty:

Claire Ansell, John Bishop, Mark Blatnik, Natasha Cowdy, Emily Deutschman, Mary Dolesch, Nicole Doyle, Michael Emerson, Ruth Fawcett, Madeleine Heller, Christina Johnson, Amey Law, Patricia MacMillan, Elizabeth Miller, Dan Miller, Colleen Nelson, Bruce Nelson, Jill Norris, Glenda Semple, Charles Semple, Sheila Singh, James Stratton, Eleanor Weber, and and Martha Medendorp-Allan from our St. Pete campus.

School Year Calendars

A reminder:  to assist our community with planning,  we publish school year calendars several years in advance.  The 2016-2017, 2017-2018, and the recently approved 2018-2019 calendars are found on the website under the About Us tab and in the Quick Links menu.   Please note, a small adjustment was made in the 2017-2018 calendar. The  Autumn Break was moved one week earlier for better alignment with the CEESA athletic calendar.