Refreshing and Renewing

TechTied has always been a good friend to me, but has fallen into disuse in recent years as time didn’t allow me to move it to a new platform and therefore consolidate my hosting on a single platform after others failed me. With some help from the crew at GoDaddy, it is now updated and fixed moving it from outdated to underutilized.

In the spirit of the changing times, I’ve added the countdown timer that is on many of my other sites. The simple widget provides a clear indication of what I’m most concerned about – the next x days to greater hope and clarity in our leaders. Biden has won, let the final days of insanity pass quickly and uneventfully.

We continue to fight the virus in Poland. Numbers have challenged us, but we now have even more evidence that our protocols and safeguards are working in their own way. We have had infections, but we have minimized internal spread and now understand better the challenges we face, now and in the future. Infections can’t be avoided. But, their impact can be minimized. The last few weeks have proven this. We will prevail.

It’s good to be back on TechTied. Will refresh the look now, too. More topics coming and hoping to expand the reach of my thoughts outside of my leadership and more in the original goals of this site: how leadership and technology connect us to the potential of the future.