Parent & Community Partnership Presentation

We had the first Director’s forum on September 3rd, and follow-up with PTO meeting this morning, September 16th.  The slides from that presentation below.  Our purpose in these forums is to get a sense of how we can better serve the community outside the walls of the school.  While our discipline legitimately cannot go there, we can provide information and resources to parents in order to bridge this gap more effectively in partnership that ensures student safety and security.  This was the first in a multiple meeting conversation.

Future dates:  November 5, March 4, May 20

Parents at the forum shared the following ideas:

  • It was agreed that it would be useful to provide information to parents about what is legal and illegal in Russia.  Smoking age, drinking age, substances, etc. (In process)
  • It was agreed it would be useful to publish that EMC provides a home substance testing service – we should check whether there is mandatory disclosure to the authorities with some drugs before we put that out. (In process)
  • There was discussion about educating parents about what their children are taught so that they know, too. (Note: FCD is coming soon to MS and HS – Freedom from Chemical Dependency)
  • Translation of this kind of communication into Russian was seen as important.
  • Informing nannies (via translation) was seen as positive opportunity as they are often the ones more in tune with what is going on in the school and the wider community — and also the person who often translates for a non-English speaking parent.

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