Parent Partnership II – Responding to your needs…

We had another wonderful forum for our Parent Partnership theme.  We had a wonderful group of parents, great presenters and some good conversation about the topics important to us and our children.  We decided that providing both the video and the slide show was the best way to get this content to a larger audience.  Please let us know what you think via the comment section below or via the anonymous comment link below the slides.  Suggest you watch the video with the slides side-by-side.  You can generally follow along with the presentation.  Other links below to some of the resources.

Note:  I made a correction to the slideshow and need to inform you that there was a typo in my reporting of the FCD data.  I read the data as “never” and wanted to use this data to make the point that we still had areas of concern.  In fact, the word is “ever” – therefore the data should have read:

The percentage of students who have ever used alcohol, or other drugs before coming to, or during a school event, decreased from 8% to 2% from 2010 to 2014.

Therefore, this is another point of improvement, not a trend of concern as I originally reported.  I was accurate that all forms of substance were included in this question.  FCD will be better able to review and reflect on their data when they visit.  My apologies for the mistake.

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