First full day…

We had a wonderful day on Saturday meeting the village elders and getting permission to enter the village. They had a wonderful dance that greeted us (video later) and the assistant chief of the tribe welcomed us to the village and gave us permission to enter. Later, we were invited to a church setting a little bit further down the road from the village center and were invited to join the tribal chief as she led a bible study. She welcomed us and we enjoyed some time together, including a couple of songs.

Next we were only planning to see the “bread lady” and her family, but word got out in the village and the kids started showing up from all corners.  We spent some extended time with them at the “bread lady’s” home before heading back to Wildtrack, with a slow pass by the school site to check on the foundation and well.  We headed back to the lodge and the kids had some time preparing for the fair on Sunday, plus some much needed down time with some swimming and relaxing.  Then, we had a wonderful dinner with a selection of other dignitaries from the school project in Pandamentenga, Project Humanity, and Walk with Lions.  This is where the Ambassadors shine.  As true ambassadors, the worked the room, making connections with all of the adults in attendance, weaving their magic of engagement and collaboration. Those in attendance were in awe of the presence of these kids, their ability to stand their own in deep conversations with the interests represented in the room.  Was very proud of them at the end of the night.  All were asleep after a long day and a number of great experiences.



Additional note on connectivity: we are all competing for use of a single satellite line here at the lodge. There is no direct cabled internet service in this part of the country and all services are via satellite dish. Speeds, particularly upload, can take a long time. The two pictures attached to this message too 15 minutes each. I know some of the kids are finding that they cn get posts and chats out to you via various services. For now, this may be the best we can do with bits and pieces. We’ll certainly have much more to share when we arrive home with the video and pictures that are being gathered throughout.