What a day…

Lazy morning preparing our games and materials at the lodge got us prepared for a wild afternoon at our Fair in Pandamatenga. In simple terms:

  • Sunshine
  • Finding the children
  • Coming from all directions
  • 200 kids playing games and enjoying the activities
  • 20 adults in sessions with Project Humanity on the risks associated with alcohol
  • Wind/rain
  • Games go on – kids keep them going – in the mud (go Yuki!)
  • Thunder/Lighting
  • Quick decisions as lightning a few miles away.
  • Load the vans, send the children – meet at the filing station just down the road
  • Pouring rain
  • Gather on the covered porch of the filling station – 200 kids and all the Ambassadors
  • Singing, handing out colorful bracelets
  • The rain subsides
  • Playing circle games while waiting for food – Chugga Chugga Clara!!!
  • Hot dogs arrive – setup makeshift distribution line
  • I get to hold every child’s hand as we lead them to the food and feed 200
  • Enough hot dogs for one more – start the line again Clara!!!  Chugga Chugga

I know that was short and simple, but I can’t begin to put into words how amazing this experience was.  The crew was wet and muddy, but they fed a village and turned the sunshine on in the sky and in the hearts of all these children.  I’m going to sleep tonight with much on my mind – trying to absorb it all.  One picture for the moment.  More later.



One thought on “What a day…

  1. Awesome work. Malaria kills more people in Africa than any other disease! I had it twice and it wasn’t fun. Cerebral Malaria being the worst. Although, I have to admit the orange lion eyes I saw in the mirror that morning was pretty cool. Next memory was in the hospital six days later.

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