We walked the “mile in their shoes” and installed 94 nets…

We started this morning walking with the children to their current school that is quite a distance from their neighborhood.  It was a 45 minute walk through the bush area behind the highway and we had a long line of over 100 kids walking with us.  Shortly after we started, we encountered a “new” river that had opened up due to the recent rain (remember yesterday).  We helped the little ones cross the stream and only Ms. Francy and two other ambassadors got wet.  But, we kept almost all of the kids dry and the trek continued.  We arrived at school to some drone shots from overhead (a local student brought his drone to help).  All gathered in the courtyard and we said our farewells after waving to the camera flying above us one last time.  We promised to return the next day with cupcakes for all of them.  More on that later.

We returned to the lodge to prepare for the afternoon’s activities and trained our team captains for mosquito net installation.  They chose their team members and together, over a 5-hour period, installed 96 nets in 53 homes throughout the village as directed by the local social worker.  We installed for all ages, including a man who had just recently been moved into a new house that was sponsored by the local farmers.  The man, born in 1937, had never lived in a house his entire life and had touched the hearts of the community.  We were very lucky that he was our first install.

Overall, a hot, but wonderfully fulfilling day was enjoyed by all ambassadors, despite heat and loose lug nuts.  More details on that when we return.

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