Newsletter – April 6

As I look around our neighborhood, there are increasing signs of Spring on the horizon. With that comes a new burst of energy that matches the sunrise each morning. We have a quickened pace, and all eyes are on the prize that is dangling ahead of us, whether it be graduation, transition, or just completing our goals for the year in spectacular demonstrations of accomplishment and pride.

Speaking of accomplishments, a big shout out to all of the families and friends of AAS in attendance at the PTO Gala and special thanks to all the ladies involved in planning, preparation, and delivery of a spectacular evening. It was a wonderful testament to our most cherished possession at AAS, the sense of community we all enjoy as we come together for one event or another to show our commitment and involvement as partners in this noble journey we call education. Of special note is the video presented during the evening showing our kids having fun at school. It’s worth a watch now that it has been published:

I also want to thank elementary school parents and teachers for supporting students today during Student-Led conferences. This was a wonderful waypoint of reflection as students shared their learning with parents and took center stage on assessing status on goals and charting their path for the remaining weeks of this school year. No matter the grade level, there were many proud children taking the lead today and showing parents their array of accomplishment.

I wish you all well on the upcoming Spring Break and hope you will enjoy the brief breather that we will all take before heading into the final rush. During the vacation, I’ll be releasing a survey on our annual calendar review. We will actually be giving feedback on the calendar for 2018-2019, but will also ask some additional questions that might result in small adjustments to the 2017-2018 calendar as well. You’ll have the rest of April to submit your results before board action in May. Watch for a personally addressed message in your primary email mailbox.

Please note you can find our 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 yearly calendars on the AAS website at this link.

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  1. Made my heart sing! So Happy for you and hoping you can take pride in making this happen!

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