Newsletter – March 30 – I’m back!!!

As you have likely been reading in my blog, you will note that I’ve had an amazing experience with our HS students in Africa. It was in all ways a profound experience, one that is still impacting my thoughts and feelings in the aftermath of our adventures in Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. It is important to note that you were all represented in Africa during each of our stops, recognized for the collective contributions of the community through the many fund raising activities orchestrated by our AAS Ambassadors throughout the year. Not the least of these were the contributors to the Director’s Challenge who have all but completed the list of 20 contributors, with only two spots remaining. As I noted, these donations helped to finalize key projects in Africa and our students witnessed the results of these donations in the form of installed equipment, prepared foundations, and classrooms receiving finishing work. Inspired by their successes, the Ambassadors have already embarked on their next goals, gleaned from interviews and interactions with deserving entities that emerged in each of our target locations. To my Challenge participants, I thank you with all my heart and soul for your participation and trust in assuring that these funds will inspire hundreds of kids throughout this region of Africa and instill the pursuit of education into these challenged communities.

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In Pandamatenga alone, we worked with over 200 children from impoverished homes, each of them endowed with intelligence, energy, and enthusiasm for education and accomplishment. Our work encourages and sustains them through the many challenges they face. More on this in the coming days, so please stay tuned for my ongoing thoughts in blog form on this topic.

Coming next week is an important traditional activity here at the Anglo-American School. Our Eco-Green Fair is upon us with many activities that will highlight and enhance our efforts in this regard that occur throughout the year. There is a full day of information and activities planned on April 7 that will capture our attention and remind us again of how important it is to be good stewards of our planet. In honor of the day, I’m announcing the first Director’s School-wide Spirit Day and directing all students to dress in the earthly colors of green and blue. I want everyone in all divisions, parents included, to don the appropriate colors and join us on the day for the splendor of the Eco-Green focus of the school that now spans many years. Please join us in supporting these activities and initiatives, both on the 7th and throughout the year!!