A busy couple of days in the “Z” countries…

We left Pandamatenga on Wednesday with much sadness as we considered all of the many things we had experienced in Botswana.  The previous night gave us opportunity to say goodbye to our friends in the community, but on the morning’s ride, we contemplated our farewell’s to this wonderful country that had exposed us to the wildlife and wonder of the heart of Africa.  We headed toward the border after a mishap with one of our vehicles that required some redistribution of our belongings.  No one was hurt in the minor accident and students all collaborated to make the boarder crossing on time and as scheduled.  We had some minor problems when we found that the new visa program had expired.  Therefore, the visas into Zimbabwe and Zambia were purchased separately and for higher cost than projected.  Once in Zimbabwe, we visited the Baoboa Primary School and paid our respects to a teacher who was tragically killed in an auto accident.  We have helped this school for a couple of years and were able to see the fruits of our labor helping with the whiteboards and other installations in the computer lab of the school, where the teacher had taught.  On this project, we have collaborated with a local artist, Larry Norton, and we left the school to head to his studio where he demonstrated his painting style for all the students.  We then proceeded to his gallery at the Vic Falls Hotel for prints of some of his work.

Next it was on to Victoria Falls and the splendor of this amazing natural wonder.IMG_1878IMG_1873

We proceeded to the border to Zambia, bought our second visa, and crossed (long paperwork time, again).

Thursday was dedicated to our work with the Kamatanda Primary School.  We got to the school site and found construction all but complete on this new two classroom facility – a hugely gratifying feeling came over ambassadors to see their work in near completion stages.  The afternoon was capped by a dedication ceremony and time working with the children.


We had a late lunch in town at another YCTC training center that is responsible for retraining disenfranchised youth into new career paths.  Then, it was time to do final shopping and we headed to the African markets before dinner at Cafe Zambezi, a common final stop for the Ambassador trip.

We’ve packed this morning, Friday, and will be heading to the airport shortly after morning walks with the Rhinos and a second group to the Zambia side of Victoria Falls.

This is my last details post for our trip to Africa.  I’ll post some final conclusions after we are all home safe and sound.  Other than some bug bites and sunburn, we are all in good shape and enriched by our experiences.  Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!!